Thursday, 2 February 2012

Soft Toy: Vegetables

This vegetables version of my handmade soft toy is ideal for toddlers especially girls who are like to messy up your kitchen cabinet, taking out all the tupperwares and tools, and pretend to cook. My daughter did. 

This is the first version, I sew it for my daughter. It looked a bit amateur to me, not as neat as I expected to be. It consists of 10 veges that we always eat everyday: a carrot, radish, chilly, mushroom, yellow pepper, sweet pea, potato, tomato, cabbage and an egg plant. See here for my first attempt of vege soft toy.

Don't underestimate me yet! I've done better the second time! It was for my friend's daughter. This time, I added volume to those veges, meaning more fluffy and larger veges. Believe me, try to compare the space left between the veges at the above pic and this one (inside the same pot): 

There are still 10 vegetables but I replaced yellow pepper with Japanese cucumber, and upgrade the look of my cabbage.

More neat than my first attempt, don't they? 

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