Thursday, 12 July 2012

Carnation Tissue Flower with Lovely Bird Topper

I never had enough with tissue flower. It just looked so gorgeous on any table yet so easy to make. I volunteered myself to make flower centerpieces for guest tables for a wedding ceremony, namely my brother-in-law's. There were 21 tables altogether, and so be the bunches of flowers I have to make. I didn't think of any flower except this easy DIY carnation. I made the carnations tissue flowers in four beautiful colors. Tadaaa:

Navy blue
There were 3 carnations combined using floral tape to make a bunch of flower. I used IKEA Fantastisk tissue (40cm x 40cm). The tissue is so big, I can make 8 carnations from only one tissue. I wonder how many carnations can be created from a packet of the tissue *imagination in progress*. 

Actually, in real ceremony, I inserted a handful of potpouri inside the cone vase, to make it looked full and more bellissimo. It was my bad I didn't take a single picture on the d-day. I left my camera at home.

There were 21 birds for 21 bunches of carnations.

As for the lovely bird on top of the flower, it was solely my idea. I did think of bee and butterfly, but the birds came out instead. I used felt, with polyester stuffing and colorful stitching (I just love experimenting with colors).

Out of those birds, below is my favourite. Unfortunately, it was taken by the wedding guest :-(

On top of that, I did promote my blog along the way:

I got my own label now!
Want to make your own tissue flower? There are a bunch of creative websites out there that include tutorials on making one. I am so kind right now I'm gonna save your time. I'll give you one here. Try it and you won't believe you are that creative too!

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