Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Let's Play with Numbers!

Balqis likes to count when going up and down the stairs, so I decided to introduce her the real 123 by making this colorful felt numbers (the initial B on the bag is for Balqis).

Count the buttons that match with the numbers, well except for zero - that looked much more like a donut :-)

Play and learn!

Orders are accepted for these stuffy numbers, and it comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage too! 

1,2 Buckle my shoes
3,4 Shut the door
5,6 Pick up sticks
7,8 Lay them straight
9,10 A big fat hen


  1. menarik r abby hasil tangan ko..kreatif2..

  2. assalam cik abby, sy berminat dgn numbers ni....nak order bole?berapa ye?