Saturday, 1 December 2012

Soft Toy: Felt Caterpillar

I am a caterpillar phobia. I can hear the word 'caterpillar', but just don't let me see them either in pictures or reality! There was a time when I fainted after I wrongly touched a bright yellow-black-caterpillar while plucking grass in the backyard *terrified*. This might sound strange since I made two felt caterpillars. Well, it's for the sake of my ex-colleague who wants to give her newborn a soft toy, which I can't resist.

Each consists of eight segments with animal/ocean kingdom applique on top respectively. 

Animal themed
Ocean themed
The real size, the caterpillar is quite lengthy, more than 24".  

Owh, I almost forgot about the numbers at the back:

100% hand-sewn with love.

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