Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Couple Cows Plushie

The cows are in love, and so are the owners. They were made specially for a friend of mine, who is finally found her soul mate. Why cow? Ask her then.

The couple have stripe bodies made from cotton fabric, whilst the details e.g eyes, ears, horn etc made of felt and stuffed with poly fiber. They were approximately 1 foot in size and can keep your head comfy enough as a pillow.

They have a zippered pocket at their back, to hold love letters. Auww~

They belong to each other:

Truly, madly, deeply.

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  1. cun sgt2... sy plak rase cam susah bebenor nk wat menda2 camni...material dh byk...cume lbh suker jahit baju sendiri....