Saturday, 7 January 2012

Angry Birds!!

I got a friend who is crazy about Angry Birds, she even asked me to make five Angry Birds brooches for her, the angry red bird, the speedy yellow, the boom black, the white hen and the blue one. She is my best buddy I couldn't say 'No'. 

The Angry Birds family was 100% hand-sewn, using polyester felt, stuffed with polyester fiber. Well, here they are:

They were a bit smaller than my palm, yet a little bigger than a 50 cent coin.

Cutting the eyes was the hardest thing to do. They were so tiny I had to hold the black felt using my nail while cutting. It was such a relieve that the eyes do not squint *fuh*.

Still can't get enough of Angry Birds? Play then.


  1. ha3.. thanx sgt3.. comel3..
    best buddy.. terharu.. he3

  2. u're welcome. my pleasure. aku suka buat bende2 camni. cuma lambat sikit la. Kalu aku solo lagi, mesti sehari dua dah siap. hehehe