Monday, 16 January 2012

iPod Case for Mama Abby

I used Belkin leather case since I had my iPod in 2010, but lately, the case grew fungus. Yuckss!! Maybe it's about time for me to replace a new one. Here it is:

It's for me, so I just used scrap felt from the remaining balance of felt. I want to make it colorful, hence the pink color base, green wool yarn stitching, and colorful star, love and ribbon buttons. Notice the pink lines that intersect each other, I machine-sewn them. The name 'Nabila' tells that the iPod is mine :-)

The back - Tea time theme

The front

When the iPod is inside..

I used peach polka-dot cotton as the inner, with a layer of soft padding for an extra protection. It fits the iPod perfectly, it grips.

Now my old iPod has a brand new case. I like!

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