Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Roses Name Badge for Somebody's Wedding!

The theme: Teal, white and grey.

And so I decided to make 3 roses, with respective colors and a big leaf to hold the name.

There were 30 of them:

A simple rose tutorial for you to try, it is right here. But I secured the rose using glue, not thread. Making my life easier!


  1. I love your flowers! And thank you for using and linking to my tutorial. I would love to blog about your roses, please?

    1. Hi Alix, thanks to your tutorial, I managed to finish those lovely roses. And to answer your question, yes, you can blog about them. Thanks a lot.

      XOXO, Abby.

  2. Roses name badge is really a unique idea of making the day more special for the bride and groom both. Keep sharing.

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