Friday, 19 October 2012

My Weekend Project #3: Onesie Applique Tutorial

I love onesies and it look adorable on babies that make me want to squeeze all that chubby flesh (keep your baby away from me, please!). I bought this plain singlet onesie but it is just too plain. An applique will make it lively. Follow these simple steps and you will have your own personalized baby onesie, ideal for baby gift or even for your baby:

You will need the above including a scissor

Many of the tutorials used Heat N' Bond paper to stick the applique onto onesie but unfortunately I can't find one alike. So I used gummed paper (kertas kanji) instead and the result is still the same. You can buy it at any sewing tool shop (Kedai Alat Jahit), they usually sell it as it is a hot item - useful to make cuffs, collars, Baju Kurung's neck etc.

I got too excited I even hand embroidered my daughter's name for the applique:

  1. Cut felt into letter.
  2. Secure the letter in place with a simple stitch.
  3. Start wrapping the whole letter with thread as closely as possible with each other (Believe me, you're gonna need a super long thread and extra patient). The thread color is preferably matched the felt's.
  4. Done!
Secure applique onto onesie and stitch along it using a sewing machine. Alternatively, handstitch will also do.

1) Cut gummed paper just a bit bigger than the applique. Warm an iron.
2) Turn onesie inside out. Iron gummed paper with the gum faced the onesie fabric.
This will make the applique's stitch secured during washing and make it harder so it can last longer.

You can choose your own desired applique but for me, I chose Nuha's hanging signage for this purpose.

Happy trying!

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