Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Weekend Project #7: Rainbow Cloud Baby Rattle

Hello mummies with new born babies!

Let's make a rattle for your precious with colorful rainbow loops for their curious little fingers. Just grab your felt scraps, some stuffing from an old cushion, a scissor, needle and thread. 4 easy steps to follow and it will finish in no time. Well, I finished my rattle in 1 hour ;-)

In fact, it won't necessarily be a cloud. You can free-hand cut whatever shapes you desired such as square, love, lion's face - with rainbow loops around it. On top of that, you can insert two or three jingle bells while you stuffs (step #4). Cool huh?

My daughter with her new rattle.
Make one for your baby. It will be great as a gift too!

Happy trying!

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