Friday, 21 June 2013

All About Pouch

It has been more than a month since I updated the last entry. You can tell by how many pouches I have sewn below. :-)

Okay, let's start with our fabric pouch. I've sewn 50 pieces of them as a doorgift of an event. I used Ikea fabrics for its quirky and creative designs. Love them. A pouch has a standard measurement of 5"x8"x2", and can fit most stationery, cosmetics or even a toothbrush! 

Top view
Side view
Inside view - cotton lining

Now let's move on to felt pouch. Each design has a special touch of me. They are of standard size as the above.

These two below are a bit bigger, meant to be an organizer bag. 8"x10"x2". 

Making those felt pouches are more tricky than fabric's because you have to think of the designs and turn them into reality by hand-sewn them in place. They are surely took more time than sewing all 50 pcs fabric pouches. 

Stay tune for more entries. I am one busy woman cum mother cum homemaker cum part-time crafter. :-)

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