Thursday, 11 July 2013

Green MiMoo with Choco Spots

 This Mimoo is special. To me and to the owner. 

To me because this is my first craft with my "sarang craft" label. 

To the owner for it is customized to have numbers sewn on its body. From 0 to 9.

The same cuddly mimoo. With curly eye-lashes, cute milk-bag, shaggy tail, material of felt and 100% handmade with love. 

I am so glad I was able to sew my label on. Finally. And to enjoy that feeling, the lucky owner does not need to spend a penny on this MiMoo of his. Totally free of charge. Spread the happiness.


  1. so cute, how much is the price for the soft toy sis ?

    1. Thanks Liza. RM40 for MiMoo without numbers, but MiMoo with numbers like this one would be RM48/pc.