Thursday, 1 December 2011

Soft Toy: Sneaky SSSchnake

The snake with polka-dot design was originally made for my precious daughter. The spelling 'SSSchnake' is so adorable that appropriate for little toddlers, and the three 'S's represent the hissing sound from a real snake. 

It is a soft toy ideal for kids and toddlers. It is a snake that cannot harm you. The size is approximately 6 inch in diameter, 100% sewn by hand and is made using polyester felt. 

Size comparison

I accept custom made order for this adorable schnake, like the stripe one below for my friend's little boy. Its body has the color of yellow at the upper and green belly underneath, with colorful stripes to complete its pattern.

Close-ups of the man-made reptiles:

Adopt a schnake now. It is also a perfect gift to pamper your kids and I am sure they'll love it!
Feel free to contact me for order details.

P/S: Coiling is the design. It cannot be straightened.

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