Sunday, 4 December 2011

Soft Toy: TV Remote Control

I made this TV remote as a special request from a friend, which her son always hold and bite the real TV remote control. Sounds funny but that is what children do. My daughter also used to hold and throw my remote and as a result, one TV channel disappeared and cannot be tuned anymore *sigh*. By then, I never thought that making a remote control look alike as a soft toy would be a better solution.

I made the remote as similar as possible to Astro B.Yond's (because that is the only remote I have at home). I used small black buttons to represent the numbers, and red, blue, green and yellow to match the color buttons. The remote is 100% hand-sewn and I used grey and black polyester felt to match the real remote color. I stitch around the remote using grey wool yarn, with patience.

Back and front view
Side view
After I successfully finished making one, I tested the product on my little daughter. Apparently, it works! She thought that it was a real TV remote and keep pressing the button. She must be wondering why the TV won't change the channel like it used to. 

Balqis is being manipulated

If the product works on my girl, it must have works on other kids too *relieved*. If your child likes remotes so much, this soft remote is surely can help you. I can custom a remote according to yours if you want to *wink*.

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