Sunday, 4 December 2011

Felt Bag

Ideal to put your stationery or cosmetics stuffs or whatever you feels like it, this 5" x 9" felt bag is made by polyester felt and 100% handmade. You can call it a bag or a pouch. I prefer bag.

This is my first felt bag made for my husband. It is big enough to store his 10 pens, a marker, a stapler, two erasers and two highlighters. 

On the inside, I put a cotton lining as the inner to cover up the messy thread from the circles motives. I stitched along the zip and the bag using green embossed thread.

Below are two more felt bags I made for my friends. Wool yarn is used to stitch around the bags.

Pink cupcake

Purple bag
I added a thin soft padding for the purple one hence the puffy look.

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