Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tutorial: Make your Own Shelf Back Cover

I just bought an Expedit bookcase from Ikea, it was a plain white shelves with no back cover. Looked empty, isn' it? It would be a blast if we add some color to it. You just need:

And so the project began without further delay.

1) Measure the area of one shelf. Cut box according to the measurement. Cut fabric a little bigger than the box.
2) Stick the fabric onto the box using cellotape. 
3) It will look like this (Ignore the wrinkles, you should iron them first!)
4) Use stapler gun to stick the box onto the back of the shelf. Alternatively, you can use double-sided tape if the gun is not in your toolbox.
5) Tadaa!! You are done!
I did 4 back covers (two stripes, two polka-dot), alternate shelf. I did step 2 while sitting and chatting with my husband. Quite a leisure thing to do, isn't it?

Now my Expedit bookcase has a brand new look:

Sorry for the picture quality. I didn't have the chance to decorate more for this purpose, Balqis the troublemaker always want to keep them disordered *sigh*. Notice that the lower shelves were her space. 

p/s: The flattened box used here was originally from the Expedit packaging itself. Recycle is the way of life!

Happy trying!!

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